Board of Directors

Since its inception in 1996 the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has relied on the leadership and direction of its board of directors. These men and women, all leaders of the interactive software industry, have volunteered their time and resources to help the Academy advance its mission of promoting awareness of the art and science of interactive games and entertainment. Each director has lent his or her talent and prestige to the common concerns of the interactive entertainment industry.

The Academy's Board of Directors is composed of the following industry leaders representing the major publishers, developers and independent development community.

The Board is comprised of:

Brandon Beck, Riot Games 

Mike Capps

Michael Gallagher, Entertainment Software Association

David Helgason, Unity Technologies 

Rich Hilleman, Electronic Arts, Inc.

Don James, Nintendo of America

Min Kim, Nexon America, Inc. - AIAS Chairman

Ken Lobb, Microsoft Studios

Frank Pearce, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Ted Price, Insomniac Games - AIAS Vice Chairman

Martin Rae, Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences - President

Christian Svensson

Denny Thorley, Wargaming West - AIAS Secretary

Patricia Vance, ESRB

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment