Brandon Beck

Brandon BeckRiot Games

As lifelong gamers, Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill co-founded Riot Games in 2006 with a vision to make a different kind of game company - one focused on changing the way video games are developed, delivered, and supported for players. Headquartered in Santa Monica, Riot's mission is to be the most player-focused company in the world.

Before founding Riot, Brandon worked at consulting firm Bain & Company, where he focused on media and entertainment, technology, and consumer products. The founders were recognized as Young Entrepreneur of the Year award winners by Ernst & Young in 2011.

Through their combined leadership, Marc and Brandon have grown Riot's debut title, League of Legends, into a game that's played by over 27 million players every day and by over 67 million players every month.  These players spend over a billion hours a month in the game, a level of engagement that makes League of Legends the most played video game in the world by hours played.