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D.I.C.E. Conversations - Past Broadcasts

Running a Successful Games Business During a Pandemic

The games industry is a tight-knit community who rely on a steady schedule of conferences and trade shows to help build businesses through in-person meetings and discussions. What happens when all that goes away? How do developers get their games in front of publishers? How do publishers find exciting new IP or market their upcoming releases? Many companies have had to change on how they do business in 2020 and recognizes that many of these challenges have resulted in improvements in that will stay in place long after the pandemic is gone. This panel will discuss how business development, deal making, and publishing has forever changed, featuring voices from publishers, a game developer, a game lawyer, and videogame agent. 


  • Ebba Ljungerud - CEO, Paradox Interactive 
  • Johannes Paloheimo - COO, Remedy Entertainment
  • Jas Purewal, Partner - Wiggin
  • RaLeon Winkler - Director, International Events at Ubisoft
  • Maarten de Koning (Moderator) - Partner, Executive Vice President at Digital Development Management

Shifting Creativity

In the last year, the game industry has seen a necessary but unprecedented shift in light of the pandemic and forced many of us to alter our established creative processes. Many existing talks have focused on how employees have made the shift to working from home, but what about the studio processes themselves and its effects on output both in terms of quantity and quality? Our panel of experienced, international game professionals will share their stories and experiences about how these shifts impacted their studio processes and may have even resulted in increased creativity. 


  • Alexa Ray Corriea - Narrative Designer, Sledgehammer Games
  • Guillermo Vizcaino - Head of PR and Marketing & Lead Writer, Lienzo
  • Michael Fridley - COO/Studio Director, Squanch Games
  • Raffael Boccamazzo - PsyD, Clinical Director, TakeThis (Moderator)

Epic vs. Apple, Who Will Win and Why? 

Our panel of experts discusses the claims made by Epic in its lawsuit against Apple, the merits of the claims, and will discuss Apple’s responses to date. They explore potential outcomes and opine on the likely resolution of the case.


  • Rebecca Haw Allensworth - Professor of Law at Vanderbilt Law School
  • Daniel Ahmad - Senior Analyst at Niko Partners
  • Sean Kane - Co-Chair of the Interactive Entertainment Group at Frankfurt Kurnit
  • Dan Offner - Founder and Managing Partner at O&A PC
  • Michael Pachter - Managing Director, Equity Research at Wedbush Securities (Moderator)

From Beta Hype to ESPN: Growing and Nurturing the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Community 

Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launched in August and swiftly captured the imagination of streamers and content creators. As the game topped the Twitch charts, the community team were hard at work, nurturing a rapidly growing audience on Discord and social media with an evolving, meme-powered identity that crossed into pop-culture. The panel discusses the joys and challenges of managing the game's millions-strong community, adapting to change and overcoming the many pitfalls of rapid audience growth.


  • Clara Sia - Influencer Relations Manager at Sandbox Strategies
  • Oliver Hindle - Community Director at Mediatonic
  • C. Riana Manuel - Senior Manager, Brand Marketing at G4 (Moderator)

Peak Performance: Learning About Leadership Through the Lens of Endurance Sports

When describing game development, we often hear the phrase, "It's a marathon, not a sprint." But what does that really mean and how can you channel it into peak workplace performance? Gain some new perspective to level up your leadership game through endurance sports with hard-earned insights from IRONMAN(R) triathlon veterans and game industry leaders at Insomniac Games and Respawn Entertainment. 


  • Ryan Schneider - Head of Franchise Strategy & Studio Relations at Insomniac Games
  • Jordan Rapp - Technical Game Designer at Respawn Entertainment