Min Kim

Min KimNexon America

Min joined NEXON Korea Corp. in 2003 when he learned players were spending ten dollars to buy balloons in a free-to-play online game. His initial intention was to quickly bottle all the magic to share with developers in the west. In his excitement, he forgot to take a bottle.

As Vice President of Live Games, Min is responsible for all the product initiatives at Nexon America, Inc. Prior to co-founding Nexon America, Min launched the Global Edition of Nexon's flagship title, MapleStory. He has made significant contributions to the adoption of digital content cards at retail, and recently launched Karma Koin. He also serves on the America's Advisory Board for the Merchant Risk Council.

Min believes his interest in microtransactions and multiplayer gaming comes from trading baseball cards, playing Magic the Gathering, painting Games Workshop miniatures, and buying music on iTunes. He is a nerd.