Links LS 1999

Links LS 1999
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Links LS 1999

Featuring St Andrews Links - Old Course, and many new features, Links LS 1999 is a gleaming addition to the Links franchise. Other courses include Bay Hill Club and Lodge, Latrobe Country, and Entrada at Snow Canyon. Multimedia tours of the courses are available for you to enjoy.

A new tournament environment brings crowd galleries to the course. The additions of real-time voice and spectator mode enhance online play. In this version, you can even create your own sound script if you want, adding your own comments to the soundscape.

Improved graphics are seen here, including 3D Objects, better panorama, and more realistic ball-flight physics. Smart Cameras allow you to see the course from any point of view. Additional bits of eye-candy include haze, fog, waving flags, airplanes, etc. Links LS 1999 also includes carefully digitized footage of Arnold Palmer for realistic animations.

This version of the game introduces the PowerStroke and 3-Click mouse swing options, to augment the original 2-click swing. Also, with the Mode of Play Game Designer, you can create your own unique challenges to augment the 30 MOPs that come included with the game, and swap them you’re your friends.