Thinkin' Science ZAP!

Thinkin' Science ZAP!
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Thinkin' Science ZAP!

Save the Show with Sound, Light, and Electricity. You are the guest director for an exciting concert by the ZAP! Stars. From Backstage at the Wonder Dome, you'll visit the three Learning Environments in ZAP! Laser Lab, SoundWave Studio, and ElectroLoft to explore light, sound, and electricity. Along the way, collect components and controls to rehearse and perform a concert! Features: Hands-On Experimentation; Properties of Light, Sound, and Electricity; Observation and Analysis. Concert Area - Adjust the controls, click Rehearse, and view the performance you have arranged. Laser Lab - Help Blaze hatch her FlashBot friends so they can fix the light controls for the Concert. Arrange mirrors, lenses, color mixers and splitters, and filters to direct the lasers and energize the eggs. Electroloft - Help Surge examine simple series and parallel circuits to find out whats wrong with them. Then fix them, using batteries, lights, wires, switches, and other electrical components. Sci-Clopedia - Read and print articles or write in the Notebook.