The Starfire Soccer Challenge

The Starfire Soccer Challenge
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The Starfire Soccer Challenge

Tryouts for the top girls' soccer team have just been announced. And almost everyone wants to go for it. As Ginger, you're not sure you can make it... It's going to take practice, for sure. Plus, the way you deal with friendship, teamwork, and attitude will make all the difference.

Play Out Decisions
Do you pass to a show-off or risk missing a goal? Do you reach out to someone new or not? Winning isn't just about the final score. It's about friendship and fun too.

Make Tough Calls
Sometimes you have to think ahead - way ahead. Like choosing between looking cool right now. Or playing better in the tryouts.

Get Set for Tryouts
Perfect your skills. Dribble through cones. Place perfect passes. Shoot and score goals. The harder you practice, the better you'll do in tryouts.

Collect Player Secrets
Solve puzzles to earn character cards - and get more than just stats! Find out who has heroes and who gets really nervous. Even discover secrets for dealing with pre-game jitters.