Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box
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Pandora's Box

Microsoft brings us Pandora's Box for Windows95, a quirky puzzle game with plenty of games and storyline. Solving puzzles and traveling through the world is what the "Story" mode entails. Seven tricksters have escaped and it is up to you to find and catch them. Of course, the Pandora's Box is where they escaped from and you must put them back there. When you start out the game, you'll have to pick the city that you want to start at, then begin solving the many puzzles in it's depths. You will find yourself traveling to far off lands like Rio de Janero and Istanbul in your endeavors.

The puzzles in Pandora's Box range from wacky jigsaw puzzle variations like overlap, to odd abstract games such as Lensbender or Rotascope. Each city has about ten puzzles in it and each are different, also with different rewards. Sometimes you will win tokens that will help automatically beat future puzzles and other times you will get a clue or cutscene. There are about 40 puzzles in the game, but you probably won't end up getting to all of them. Also, boss levels are occasionally littered throughout.