Math Blaster for 1st Grade

Math Blaster for 1st Grade
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Math Blaster for 1st Grade

This all new Math Blaster 1st Grade is packed with well-designed, entertaining math activities. This time, the Blaster Pals are found at the Intergalactic Zoo where children play with and care for the unusual creatures. Kids measure out food for the critters using scales, or set clocks to the times that the animals have to bathe. In another activity, children race dinosaur-like creatures who catch answers to addition problems with their lizard-like tongues. Most of the games are followed by additional activities that reinforce other math concepts. For instance, after children measure out the food for the critters, they have to count coins to buy the food and then feed it to the animals. As kids play, they earn printable Animal Trading Cards. In addition to the main activities, children will also enjoy the zoo hut where they'll find the open-ended Blaster Math Board with numbers, letters, words and shapes with which to experiment. They'll also find printable math worksheets and other projects. Weaknesses of this entertaining set of math games are few. The clock hands were hard to manipulate in the Clockidile game, but this didn't stop kids from playing repeatedly. The record keeping is comprehensive and the graphics, sounds and navigation features are all unusually good. The variety of activities and the excellent design make this program a real winner.