Mario Party

Mario Party
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Mario Party

Mario Party is unlike any other game for the N64, and it just might be the best party game to ever hit the system. Mario Party is designed for 1 to 4 players, but it's not really a party unless you're playing with your pals. The festivities are based on a board game format, right down to the fact that players must roll a die to determine how many spaces to move. The fun starts when players land on different squares, because each space holds one of more than fifty different mini-games. These quick competitions determine who will earn coins and stars, and who will go home empty handed.

The mini-games are spread over eight different game boards, all of which are not immediately available. Some of the games pit every man or princess against the others, some are two-on-two, and others are even three against one. The games are simple, but remarkably fun to play. One challenge is loosely based on "Simon Says," another involves a two-on-two bobsled race, and one crazy game makes one player attempt to cross a rope while the other three do their best to shake the player off. You'll find skill games, racing games, puzzle games --basically any type of challenge you could imagine.