The Sims Online

The Sims Online
Game Title:
The Sims Online

The Sims Online takes the gameplay from The Sims and brings it into a consistent online universe, where all the Sims are controlled by real people.

Taking place completely online, The Sims Online runs 24/7. Upon installation, you can create up to a maximum of three Sims, dress them however you like, name them whatever, and enter a region, where you can build a house or become a roommate with someone.

Skills in TSO are more important than the off-line versions, as the better skill you have, the more money you'll make when taking part in group objects. For example, if you have a high charisma rating, you'll be able to sell more items using the telemarketing phone, which in turn brings in more money. Having a high Cooking rating will allow you to make bigger and better pizza's, bringing in more money.

Most money making objects require a group. The pizza maker, for example, requires four people; one to take the order, one to select the proper dough, one to select the proper ingriedients, and one to finish off the toppings. Communicating will result in a good pizza, while not communicating will result in a charred mess, equallying nothing in money.

You can choose to live anywhere there is a free spot and build up a house all your own, or you can move in with someone, sharing the house and buying objects together.

Most of the objects from all the expansions are in the game, including some that are specific to TSO, such as the aformentioned Pizza Maker, mathematics board, telemarketing machine, lawn bowling game, and over one hundred more objects.