Medieval: Total War

Medieval: Total War
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Medieval: Total War

Set in the four centuries from the First Crusade (1095) to the Fall of Constantinople (1453), Medieval: Total War™ covers European history through some of the most dramatic centuries imaginable. It takes everything that was compelling about Shogun: Total War and layers on new depth, accessibility, gameplay and strategy twists. Encompassing a diverse range of peoples and histories, Medieval: Total War™ is the ultimate game of epic battles and historic empire building.

- See battles in rich detail.

- Engage in richly detailed battles that feature thousands of 3D units and intense combat.

- Become the commander of your empire

- Manage the economic, civil, religious and military arms of your empire.

- Full control over your armies

- Control more than 100 different units, including knights, men-at-arms, English longbowmen, and more.

- A wealth of weaponry

- Pound castles into dust with cannons, catapults, and ballistae during sieges.

- Multiplayer battles

- Experience multiplayer battles with up to seven other players.