Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World
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Animal Crossing: Wild World

Based on the GameCube version of the title, Animal Crossing Wild World casts players as of the newest resident of a happy little village, populated by friendly talking animals. There is no overarching narrative to push players in a particular direction. Instead of assigning a progressive series of missions or following a linear plot, the game simply sets players free in its virtual community, where they can develop their houses, fashion sense, collections, and relationships with other characters however they see fit.

There is plenty to keep players busy in their little towns, however -- more activities than there is time in the day to do them. Players can collect bugs, fish, bones, and other natural items, they can improve their houses, design new outfits to wear, and they can even get a job to earn some money. Animal Crossing takes place in real-time, with a day-and-night cycle and seasons that change in synch with the actual time of year. Familiar (and not-so-familiar) holidays are celebrated in the game world, as in real life.

The multiplayer functions of Animal Crossing Wild World expand on those of its GameCube predecessor, through the handheld's wi-fi capabilities. Up to three Wild World players can meet together, in any of their villages, through a local or online wireless connection.