Ancient Empires II

Ancient Empires II
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Ancient Empires II

Ancient Empires II is a turn-based strategy title -- not entirely unlike games like Nintendo's Advance Wars for the Game Boy Advance or Hudson's recently released Military Madness on handsets. You control a team of units that can be infinitely expanded, as long as you have the resources to do so. You must purchase battle units (such as infantry, dragons, archers, and elementals) and send them across the landscape in an effort to thwart your opponent's efforts. In order to raise the cash needed for reinforcements, you must occupy towns and defeat enemies. As you send you units into battle, you must keep constantly track of the their health. Many units can withstand a few fights unless they are grossly outnumbered. Health can be replenished by resting in a town your team "controls." If your unit can survive several fights, it will earn experience, thus making it a more formidable force on the field.