Tak 3: Great Juju Challenge

Tak 3: Great Juju Challenge
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Tak 3: Great Juju Challenge

In the 3rd installment of Avalanche's Tak series, Tak, and for the first time, Lok, must team up in order to win the Juju Challenge in order to receive the Moon Juju's Blessings. You will play as both Tak and Lok and use their combined abilities in order to go through the game's puzzles. The game has plenty of humor to be expected in the Tak series and innovative gameplay.

The gameplay is an obstacle course with a timer counting down. Tak and Lok try to reach the exit with the least time possible. The score depends on the time, items collected and enemies defeated. The game can either be played one player who switches between Tak and Lok or by playing two player with a friend each controlling a character with a horizontal split screen and TV. sometimes there is a vertecal split screen.