Soul Calibur II

Soul Calibur II
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Soul Calibur II

Fighting is one thing, but fighting with weapons is a completly different league. Soul Calibur II continues the tradition set by Sould Blade and the Dreamcast it Soul Calibur with intense action with plenty of weapons to deal the massive blows.

Weapon Master mode is where a majority of the action takes place, as you choose a character and travel a set map to fight the many other warriors through a collection of different terrain styles and challenges. One minute you'll be fighting in quicksand, the next you'll be ask to defeat an opponent by only using throwing attacks.

Other modes include the usual arcade, survival and practise modes, and multiplayer options for two people to battle it out.

Each version of Soul Calibur II also includes a unique character for the platform. Spawn appears on Xbox, Link from Zelda can be found on GameCube and Tekken fighter Heihachi finds his way to PS2.