Road Rash 3D

Road Rash 3D
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Road Rash 3D

The ultimate combat motorcycle event returns, this time in full 3D! With realistic road conditions and aggressive competition from other bikers, you're going to have your work cut out for you. Racing through panoramic vistas of intense 3D worlds, you'll feel each bump, dip, and harrowing turn. The game has three in-your-face modes: Time Trial, in which players battle computer racers for the best times; Thrash, an arcade-style trip through some amazing terrain; and the Big Game, which pits you against rival racing gangs for the championship. The brutal list of gangs includes the Desades, Dewleys, Kaffe Boys, and the Techgeists, each with different bikes, weapons, and preferred race grounds. The individualized AI applied to each gang means that they'll have unique personalities and tactics, making your job all the more difficult. Each track features a different soundscape and the game even includes surround-sound effects to keep you abreast of where your opponents are via audio. ROAD RASH 3D is as cool as it gets without adding a fourth dimension.