A Conversation With…

…Some of the video games industry’s most fascinating and creative minds. The AIAS had a chance to catch up with our conference speakers and board members to get their take on the top industry trends and learn a bit about their personal interests in the realm of literature, film, music and video games. What they share will certainly inspire you and hopefully surprise you! Click on the images below to view the full interviews.

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David Cage
Jenova Chen
Sundance DiGiovanni
Steve Gaynor
Trip Hawkins
Trip Hawkins
Trip Hawkins
Matt Johnston
Victor Kislyi
Lorne Lanning
Jonathan Morin
Frank O'Connor
Randy Pitchford
Xavier Poix
David Polfeldt
Amir Rao
Torsten Reilr
Tim Schafer
Jesse Schell
Glen Schofield
Andrew Sheppard
Warren Spector
Nathan Vella
Austin Wintory
Ken Wong
Cevat Yerli