If you work for one of our corporate members, please contact Claudio Tapia by email about joining the Academy. Otherwise, select your membership category level using the requirements below and follow the directions to apply.

To inquire about corporate membership and its benefits for your company, contact Terrence Myers at (818) 876-0826 x205 or by email.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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Qualified applicants are admitted into one of the following classes of membership.

CategoryDescriptionVoting Privileges
Creative/Technical: Individuals who have been active for at least two years in the creation or development of interactive product, and have been at least one credit on an interactive entertainment, educational, online site, arcade or location-based entertainment product that is now, or has been, commercially distributed. Active Creative/Technical members have the broadest voting rights in balloting for the Interactive Achievement Awards, and may serve on peer review committees which conduct preliminary round judging of nominees for the Awards.
Business: Individuals who have been active for at least two years in a management or business capacity of an entertainment software business or marketing departments, and not in a creative or technical capacity. Active Business members have limited voting rights in the Interactive Achievement Awards.